Hiring A Caregiver Options:
After you decide you need a caregiver to assist with the in home care of your love one, searching for a caregiver can be a challenging task. Understanding your options when looking hiring a caregiver is important.
There are three common options, with advantages and disadvantages to each:
Option one: Directly Hiring a Caregiver
  • Check References on your own
  • Order a Criminal Background Check
  • You are the employer: responsible for calculating and deducting state and federal payroll taxes
  • Negotiate your pay rate: you pay the caregiver directly
  • Obtain Worker's Compensation Insurance in case of a work related accident
Option two: Use a Registry to Assist with Hiring a Caregiver
  • The registry will charge a fee to help you hire the Caregiver
  • The registry will do the advertising and will check references but you will make the final selection.
  • You are the employer not the registry: you will still be responsible for supervision, payroll, taxes, and worker's compensation
Option three: Hire PeerCares to Provide the Service
  • PeerCares is the employer and takes care of the screening, hiring and payroll
  • PeerCares is liable for the caregiver's action during the course of service
  • PeerCares is responsible for finding a replacement if performance does not meet your needs
  • PeerCares has liability insurance, covers payroll taxes, provides worker's compensation
  • PeerCares provide complete transparency of services through our online portal technology.