Veteran Aid and Attendance
Aid and Attendance is a special pension benefit which pays for a private caregiver to assist in the daily activities of living, including eating, bathing, dressing, and mobility. The benefit provides free non-medical care / assistance in the comfort of their home or a chosen place of residence.
The benefit requires that the veteran or surviving spouse comply with the following:
  • World War I: April 6,1917 through November 11, 1918
  • World War II: December 7, 1941 through December 31, 1946. If the veteran was in service on
  • December 31, 1946, continuous service before July 26, 1947 is considered World War II service
  • Korean Confilict: June 27, 1950 through January 31, 1955
Vietnam Era: August 5, 1964 (February 28, 1961 for veterans who served in the country before August 5, 1964) through May 7, 1975
  • Persian Gulf War: August 2, 1990 through a date to be set by Presidential Procalamation or Law
​There are millions of veterans and families who are eligible but go without Aid and Attendance because of lack of information and help. Peer Cares is here to assist you with this process.
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VA Aid Online Applicaion
VA Aid Printable Applicaion